If the visitor is only browsing this website, Pi FSI does not capture information that will identify the visitor. If the visitor contacts Pi FSI and provides personally-identifiable data, Pi FSI will not disseminate that information to third parties unless legally required to do so after providing reasonable notice to the affected visitor. To safeguard the visitor’s personal data, all electronic data are reasonably secured with appropriate technologies.

Pi FSI does not warrant the protection of data the visitor supplies to hyperlinked websites. In general, Pi FSI will only use personal information for the purpose that was either specified or reasonably apparent at the time Pi FSI collected it, including, but not limited to, processing the visitor’s request and assisting the visitor with related Pi FSI service offerings. Pi FSI may also use the visitor’s personal information for the purposes of direct marketing but only when it is impractical for Pi FSI to obtain direct consent and then only if the visitor is given the option to opt out of the marketing.

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