Inteligencia de mercado detallada sobre los canales de distribución de seguros español.

We began producing analysis for the Spanish insurance market in Q3 ’14. As with our most of our products, we focus on insurance proprietary channels in Spain, i.e. the agency channel (exclusive and linked agents [agente de seguros exclusivo and agente de seguros vinculado]).

We have three products for Spain: the Agency Channel Headcount Tracker, the Agency Channel Key Measures Monitor, and the Agency Channel Detailed Monitor. The analysis is at a national level as well as province level (Detailed Monitor only), and we track all the standard measures, for all companies in the market, on a quarterly basis:

  • Agent Headcount [Número Total de agentes de seguros]
  • Agent New recruitment [Las tasas de reclutamiento de agentes de seguros]
  • Agent Retention (including by tenure group) [Las tasas de retención de agentes de seguros]
  • Agent Poaching (including detailed To/From lists) [Las tasas de agentes de seguros robados]
  • Agent Experience level profiles [Nivel de experiencia de agentes de seguros]

We also capture Distribution Agreements in the Spanish analysis (Detailed Monitor only).

If you would like us to send you some sample analysis, please click here to leave your details or download some extracts from a recent Spain Insurance Channel Detailed Monitor here:

pdf  Pi FSI – Spain Insurance Agency Channel Detailed Monitor Q3 2014


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