We have been covering Asian markets since 2006.

In Hong Kong we have a number of products that cover the life and general insurance industries, and the tied agency, bancassurance, and broker channels. We also have an ORSO pension scheme monitor.

In China we cover the tied agency channel for both life and general insurance.

For other Asian markets (currently Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand), we track the life insurance tied agency channel across all markets and the Takaful family/general channel in Malaysia only.

Availability Industries Channels Measures
See below table for abbreviations
China Now LI / GI TA Hc, Rt, Ex, Rc, Sw, Pr, Ge
Hong Kong Now LI / GI / P / WM TA/MA/Banc/FP Hc, Rt, Ex, Rc, Sw
Malaysia Now LI / Takaful TA Hc, Rt, Ex, Rc, Sw, Pr, Ge
Indo/Thailand Now LI TA Hc, Rt, Ex, Rc, Sw, Pr, Ge
LI = Life insurance
GI = General insurance
P = Pensions
WM = Wealth Management/Asset Management
TA = Tied Agents
MA = Multi Agents
FP = Financial Planners
Banc = Bancassurance salespeople
Hc = Headcount
Rt = Retention rates
Rc = Recruitment rates
Sw = Switching (between companies) rates
Ex = Experience level profiles
Pr = Product authorisations (of intermediaries)
Ge = State/province level detail

To see how we approach measurement of the insurance agency channel in these markets, and how we present our analysis, see the following presentations and reports (some data redacted):

Presentation to the Singapore Actuarial Society, 2016, “Measuring the Life Agency Channel“, covering agency channel market share across Asia, agency channel value levers, measurement proxies.

Presentation to investment banking client, 2018, “Asian Life Insurance Agency Channel Insights“, covering multinational insurers (AIA, Prudential, Manulife, AXA, Sun Life, Allianz & others) agency sales footprints in Asia, agent productivity correlations with MDRT levels and experienced agent retention, MDRT levels across companies, agency force metrics in China, Hong Kong & Malaysia, and Mainland Chinese Visitor business in HK.

Ad hoc analysis for clients on Hong Kong distribution channel size & productivity, 2017, “HK channel size & productivity 2013 – 2016“.

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